Informatics Research Institute
Virtual Museums Project

Museums around the world have collections of materials that are only accessible by physical travel to their location or by selected outreach exhibitions.

The Informatics Research Institute at Idaho State University is building a series prototype virtual museums. These will make research material from each of these available to both the public and researchers.

When completed, the Virtual Museum will enable students from across the state (even across the world) to have their own unique virtual museum experience. Our commitment to education led us to undertake this exciting project, and we're excited about bringing it to you in the near future!

Data and images are maintained in an environment that ensures confidentiality, integrity and availability.

We are experimenting with various interfaces to the information and data within the system. Each will be able to maintain its own identity while users can obtain information from all exhibitors based on their level of authorized access

Currently we have data from the SIGGI Image system for stone tools.
Elements of the collections from the Idaho Museum of Natural History
VZAP Arctic Research Project